Transfer to Brazilian Park

After arrival tour begins at the Visitor Reception Centre close to the only hotel in the park , the “Belmond Cataratas Hotel” Next to the hotel there is a trail on walkways built along the basalt cliffs, where one walks among the lush vegetation of the park. The trail allows for a great deal of vision heels of Iguaçu Falls, of indescribable beauty. On the Brazilian side of the Iguaçu River are only about 25% of the jumps, but the view is more privileged, since the other 75% are on the Argentine side, allowing a panoramic view of the falls. During the tour they observe multicolored  butterflies, birds of various species and rainbow on all sides (depending on the weather and sunlight). You can also see coatis sticks (Nasua) ­ native small mammals. Approaching track’s end we head the walkway that leads to jumps Benjamin Constant and Deodoro, where you’ll see  most of all falls of the colossal Devil's Throat. Soon after the catwalk at the foot of mighty leap Floriano, is a panoramic lift attached the souvenir shops, where one can make a pretty nice climb and with a good view of the falls. There is also the possibility of a secondary access to the output location for those who prefer to walk a little more. Once up there one takes towards the Porto Canoas gastronomic center and souvenir shop ­to the Iguaçu river. 

Transfer to Macuco Safari

The​ Macuco Safari is an amazing nautical adventure in the rapids of the Iguaçu River until you get close to the Falls, providing one of the most magnificent views of the falls.

Starting the tour, within the Iguaçu National Park, drive along a 3km trail in a special vehicle pulled by electric car.  Along the way, accompanied by expert local guide, the tourist receives information about the lush native vegetation. Now a short walk of around 600 meters through the jungle. In this way, besides the beauty of the vegetation, butterflies and multicolored birds, there is the beautiful Salto do Macuco.

Macuco is a native bird that gives its name to this jump. Arriving at the Iguaçu river ­ about 5 km after the falls ­ the tourist is met at the Macuco Safari pier, where it receives the safety equipment (life jacket), and a brief explanation by the guides. Board the rubberboat developed especially for use in the rapids of the Iguaçu River, with two engines of 200 HP and experienced riders. The boat goes safely through the rapids, toward the falls, about a 20 min journey to a basaltic rock formation of the Iguaçu river valley, in the form of "U". In addition to the geographic beauty egrets and other birds, and possibly capybaras and caymans can be seen.

The boat makes a brief stop near the Island San Martin (Argentine side), for observation, photographs and footage of the island, the mighty Heels Bozetti and the second biggest drop of the falls, the Salto San Martin, located on the island itself. Then approach the Great Falls in an exciting ride with a magnificent view. 

Transfer to Hotel


  • Private transportation and multilingual guide.
  • Pickup at Hotels in Foz de Iguaçu
  • Tickets to the Brazilian Park
  • Tickets to the Macuco Safari
  • All fees & taxes


  • Foods and Drinks
  • Gratuities (Optional)


  • Wear light clothing and comfortable sidewalks, preferably shoes with non­slip soles.
  • It is advisable to use sun­glasses, hats and caps, sunscreen and insect repellent and, of course, camera and camcorder.


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